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Are you a “learning organization”? We are ready to accompany you. Here’s our story.

People of Evolutiv began to prepare, most of us, more than 20 years ago, when the management training market barely coagulated around several models from abroad. First we learned to be trainers, to deliver the ordered course well and correctly. And then we learned to take into account the local specificity and the particularities of each partner company.

In our CVs, from the 90s onwards, complex experiences have been gathered: tens of thousands of hours of training spent with thousands of people – from top executives to middle managers and even masters – have happily completed the transformation professional of each of them.

The qualitative leap from being a good trainer to being a learning & development consultant came naturally: Evolutiv people have learned, over time, that the needs of each partner company are unique, that the standard learning solutions only partially cover these needs, as training means much more than an information transfer.

Here, in the training room, needs are been crystallized together with all kind of insights, minuses and pluses, said and unspoken. The concepts from management theories are useful only if the participants activate them, applying them every day.

And this can only happen if there, in the classroom, the trainer and participants synthesize, together, that added value that a company looks forward from investing in people.

And in order to bring that added value, the trainers learned to combine the expertise gained through international licenses (ITOL, Corporate Coach U, Open University Business School) with a rich Romanian business market experience.

There are two main directions on which Evolutiv focus:

The first is to accompany partner organizations, through specialized programs, in their efforts to develop specific key competences, from leadership, communication and collaboration, to project management, sales and finance.

The second direction concerns the design and implementation of organizational transformation projects. From this perspective, relevant is the program developed by Evolutiv between 2010-2012 at ArcelorMittal Galati – a project attended by over 1,500 managers, from board members to foremen. The second stage, titled ACT 2 (Acting Constant for Transformation), is the winner of the title of the most valuable training and human development program awarded at the HR Club Awards Gala (April 2013).

Evolution always correlates the business objectives of the company with the learning objectives and uses them to achieve through tested & interactive methods, assessments, role plays, case studies and simulations delivered by a experienced team of consultants and senior trainers.

Beyond all this, Evolutiv believes that sustainable results always appear from the partnerships whose foundation the training provider and the client-company put, with confidence and devotion, in those common values that ensure their progress.

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