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Evolutiv Consultants

We develop people in orgnizations

By developing management programs and conducting leadership academies,through business simulations & learning and development interventions.

“People think stories are made by people. It’s actually the opposite.”

— Terry Pratchett

Are you a “learning organization”? We are ready to accompany you. Here’s our story.

People of Evolutiv began to prepare, most of us, more than 20 years ago, when the management training market barely coagulated around several models from abroad. First we learned to be trainers, to deliver the ordered course well and correctly. And then we learned to take into account the local specificity and the particularities of each partner company.

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We, people of Evolutiv, are convinced that “to learn” it is found, without mistake, at the intersection between “to know”, “to feel” & “to believe”.

These are the verbs that our programs are based on.

The value, quality and impact of Evolutiv simulations are validated and guaranteed internationally by our global network of partners

Andromeda Simulations, USA

Andromeda Simulations combines game and simulations with academic content to create rapid, thorough, engaging learning with real-world application. an>

Simdustry, Germania

Active in over 25 countries across the globe, our local partners in consulting and training ensure that your national context is integrated and that all measures are tailor-made to your company.

Institute of Training, UK

The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) is the UK’s elite professional body for trainers and Learning & Development Professionals.

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