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Delia Andries

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Delia Andries

Senior consultant

Delia Andrieș is a woman for whom change is always a challenge.

And the balance between professional and personal life gives her constant energy to go through these changes with joy and confidence.

In her professional activity Delia is a trainer, consultant, coach. The first major reorientation of her career took place in the ’90s: although she had prepared for a technical career, graduating in Automation and Computers in Iasi in 1985, she started working for non-profit organizations. British and American. There, at The Romanian Orphanage Trust – and later as a financial manager in a USAID project – she began to learn what professional management means.

She completed her theoretical training in management and financial areas following the Open University courses, from where she obtained the Professional Diploma in Management, and later graduated in Economics.

She started practicing as a trainer in 1994, when she became a CODECS tutor. In 2000 she expanded her area of expertise, as a trainer, to human resources, and in 2006 she had her first contact with the coaching area, which determined the second substance reorientation in her career. After becoming an NLP Practitioner, Delia took a fundamental coaching course with Alain Cardon, after which she obtained the Corporate Coach U certification and the ITOL license.

Delia covers, at the end of almost two decades spent in the area of adult learning, seemingly difficult areas. The point of contact between the two specializations is related to the joy that Delia finds in interacting with people, in whose ability to learn and evolve she believes deeply.

In her personal life, Delia is a woman who values every moment she can spend with her loved ones – her husband and her two children.


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