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Many Romanian companies, whether with Romanian or multinational capital, have chosen to work with us, investing confidence in our professionalism, dedication and objectivity to offer relevant and directly applicable solutions for them and their employees.

Our interventions are based on both customized programs and a generous offer of standard, open system or customized training sessions for client organizations.

School/ Academy

Over the years we have built and delivered complex programs, climbing three years in a row, together with our partners, on the podium of the HR Club Awards Gala.


Business simulations

Business simulations help people make the connection between their daily decisions and the results at the end of the business cycle.



From general management to financial or project management, we cover the entire range of managerial skills needed by high performance organizations.



A coherent and integrated approach that covers the entire corolla of specific leadership concepts and tools.


Human Resources

Internationally accredited program by ITOL, Evolutiv Human Resources is probably the most avant-garde development program in Human Resources in Romania.


Project Management

The main goal of the program is to develop a PROJECT-oriented organizational culture that increases the company's managerial performance and market competitiveness.



Professional development in distinct modules comprising different sections adapted to different types of sales processes and different stages of development of the sales team members.



Coaching training for managers or leaders, individual or team coaching. Executive coaching.



The needs, objectives, culture and organizational patterns of each client are the basis from which we start when our team designs the team building program.



Short sessions and modules, addressed on various topics, ideal for conferences, training pills or adding value to corporate events.


Assessment and diagnosis

Hogan, Human Synergistics, MBTI, Great People Inside, The 5 Dysfunctions of a team or Profiles International - these are just some of the tools, licenses and certifications we use and integrate into our interventions.


Courses and camps for young people and teenagers

The ACOLO personal and professional development program is the result of 15 years of working with thousands of young people in summer schools, camps and training programs.

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